Aug 12, 2006

Not Mine

Even though I worked on these characters and it's my the end it's really not mine. You give up something of yourself everytime you do work for others. Whether it's time, or energy or even a bit of your soul if you believe in what you're doing is right it takes away from what you could put toward your own projects .

I used to give a 110% toward every job I'd do.
But that 110 was everything I had, and I didn't save much for myself after.

In Karate, there's this idea when breaking boards that you're not actually focusing on the board, but what's on the other side. Flesh and bone contacting wood, just isn't's irrational. But to move through that irrationality with one swift powerful motion removes the pain from the act of doing.

Nowadays when I give 110% I'm doing so with my focus on ambitions waiting on the other side. =s=

Aug 11, 2006


Here's a set of promo leaflets I did a year ago for Emerald City Comicon. It's nice for people to have a take away. Because of the variety I got a better gauge what people were attracted too. Nobody likes the Hulk! Hulk don't like anybody.


So I got myself mixed up in this TALES OF THE FEAR AGENT piece that was suppose to be a collaboration with Rick Remender. He ended up handing off more and more of it until I was doing the whole deal, which was fine by me. It gave me the opportunity to write someone else's character (which, btw is much harder than I thought), and to really delve into what I felt I wanted to say about this genre of sci-fi.

Anyway, it comes out in a week or so as a back-up story in issue #7 of FEAR AGENT. Let me know what you think.

Colors Only!

I did a favor and filled in for Tony Moore on colors for this cover. I'm not a colorist...I know I keep saying that, but I just know I couldn't do it for a living for someone else. I'm excruciatingly slow, but I believe the results are worth it in some way.